Dr. Abbas Zahmatkesh

Dr. Abbas Zahmatkesh
Internal Specialist

Dr. Abbas Zahmatkesh was born in Gerash, Fars in 1967. He entered the Irans University of Medical Sciences in 1995 and graduated with a Ph.D. and was ranked high among his classmates. In 2013, Dr. Zahmatkesh received his degree in internal medicine from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences with the highest rank

He received his specialist degree in liver and gastroenterology in 2017 from Shiraz University,Since then, he has been practicing medicine in the field of endoscopy and , colonoscopy ,diagnosis of thyroid disorders, hemorrhoids, liver problems, hepatitis, and fatty liver., he was  teaching as a member of the academic faculty at Kazeroon Azad University. He has also been active in the Iranian Liver and Gastroenterology Association .


Internal Diseases


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