Country: Islamic Republic Of IRAN

Birth Date: May 6, 1966

Marital Status: Married

Sex: Male

  1. No: 37489

Language: Persian / English


In year 1984, He graduated from KHAJENASIR Pre-university education centre located in JAHROM, Fars Provience and successfully completed the pre-university studies in Mathematics and physics.

On November 21, 1992 he has  successfully completed my curriculum of Shiraz School of Medicine in the field of medicine and achieved to obtain General Doctorate degree from SHIRAZ university of medical sciences. Accordingly, the ministry of public health, treatment and medical education issued the M.D. Certificate to me.

On November 21, 1999 He successfully passed the board examinations in the field of ophthalmology and accordingly achieved to obtain the medical board degree in this field from SHIRAZ university of medical sciences.

On December 8, 2007 Being holder of board certificate in the field of ophthalmology, as being admitted in the field of fellowship of vitreoretinal from SHIRAZ university of medical sciences and also as he could successfully complete mentioned fellowship course in ophthalmology department within 18 months, the certificate of fellowship conferred upon me from SHIRAZ university of medical sciences.

Accordingly, the ministry of public health, treatment and medical education of IRAN, issued the membership card to me with MC No. 37489.

Besides working as an ophthalmologist, he has attended several workshops and training courses which will be mentioned as follows. The certificates are available for mentioned workshops.

As an ophthalmology I:

  • Ensure high-quality patient care
  • Work with a multidisciplinary team, including other doctors and staff
  • Conduct routine eye examinations
  • Perform tests on patients
  • Instruct interns, residents or others in ophthalmologic procedures and techniques
  • Stay up to date with trends in the care, diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders
  • Develop or implement plans and procedures for ophthalmologic services
  • trained to diagnose and treat all eye and visual problems including vision services (glasses and contacts) and provide treatment and prevention of medical disorders of the eye including surgery.
  • Able to perform whatever treatments including surgery that a patient might need.
  • perform routine eye exams and are trained to detect, diagnose and manage eye diseases like macular degeneration, cataracts or glaucoma
  • Examining and diagnosing patients
  • Managing ophthalmic conditions, which means being responsible for both the medical and psychological aspects of dealing with patients
  • Managing an outpatient clinic, specialist clinic or emergency eye clinic
  • Making rounds in a hospital ward for overnight patients
  • Communicating with the families of patients
  • Working with nurses and other doctors in treating patients
  • Collaborating with other specialists in determining treatment plans
  • Using ophthalmoscopes, slit lamps and lenses
  • Performing surgery
  • Certifying legally blind patients
  • Managing mental disorders that affect vision
  • Performing biopsies
  • Educating patients about their condition and the treatment plan for it


  1. General Practitioner Certificate of cooperating

IMAM HASAN Hospital / DARAB, FARS Provience, IRAN Date: from January 5, 1993 to May 28, 1995




Eye diseases and
Eye Surgeon