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We're an advanced health tourism group provides

Persiamedtours health care team consisting of specialist doctor nurses counselors and tour-guides helps you make the best decision about your health



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We are here with you from A to Z

We are here with you from A to Z to facilitate your treatment by offering the highest attainable standard of health care and medical facilities.

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We customize your
own treatment plan

We accompany in every step & follow your treatment including

Get Online Consultation

Get Online Consultation

Our team will help you with the various treatment options and the price estimates so that you can make well-informed decisions and avoid any wrong medical procedure. We suggest a customized treatment plan with a mix of hospitals, clinics and top surgeons. While you may find it difficult to identify medical providers and to select the best facilities and hospitals, "Persia Med" is able to provide you with a wide array of options for foreign nationals.

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Advanced Medical Procedures

Advanced Medical Procedures

Having access to the highest quality hospitals and clinics, well-equipped with the finest infrastructure, modern equipment, trained supportive staff in Iran, enables us to offer our patients a wide variety of health care services for their medical travel to Iran and ensure that their care and treatment is both safe and effective. Our services cover a wide field of health-oriented tourism ranging from preventative and health conductive treatment to rehabilitation and creative forms of travel.

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We follow you up<br>  till well being

We follow you up
till well being

Stay in touch with us for as long as you wish to ask your questions about your recovery and get follow-up medical advice

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Services We Provide

Persia Med Tours, as a health tourism group, facilitates
the admission process for you and offers all medical services based on your needs and requests.

Online Consultation

Obtain free consultation & necessary medical & travel information through our website & social medias & receive the result in 24 hours

Travel Arrangement

we will facilitate your stay from arrival to departure including visa, hotel, transportation, private guide /interpreter& more ...


We will be with you from arrival to departure with door-to-door city transportation.

Vip Hospitals & Clinics

Receive your surgical treatment/ cosmetic procedures in the highest quality, well-equipped hospitals & clinics with modern equipment, first class services & professional staff

24/7 Assistance

Throughout your stay our trained team will accompany you in every step of your travel & assist you with anything including pre & post operation care full time

Follow Up

Follow Up

Stay in touch with us for as long as you wish to get our advice's about your recovery & possible post-surgery medical problems.

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experiences of their medical travel to Iran with you.

Thank you Persiamedtours for making my wishes come true. My surgery was successful. The detailed medical plan of this team helped me reach my goal.

Mohammed Ali

Mohammed Ali

Hair Transplant

My family & I were so welcomed by this company’s staff. They responded our request at any time. My kids have a good memory of them

Mandi Fort

Mandi Fort

IVF Procedure

I’m very pleased of my travel to Iran. I got good results with this professional company. They helped me a lot with all my inquiries.

Mohammed Salim

Mohammed Salim


The medical procedures here is so cost-effective that I didn't expect. This company have knowledgeable experienced doctors & supportive staff

Hugh Saturation

Hugh Saturation


The high-quality service is more than expectation. Doctors, nurses and all staff in the hospital are so skillful & supportive.

Mohammed Sulaiman

Mohammed Sulaiman

Dental Implant

Iran is a really calm & beautiful country. This company is very professional to make people their wishes come true

Alexa Loverty

Alexa Loverty

Kidney Transplant

I would recommend this company in Iran. Iranian surgeons much experienced & knowledgeable, people are nice & helpful

Khalid Mohammed

Khalid Mohammed

Cosmetic Procedure

Iranian people are very kind, peaceful & friendly. Here is a safe and calm country. Persiamed team provide an excellent service.

Maxine Butler

Maxine Butler


The friendliness of the Iranians and how safe the country is have exceeded my expectations.

Ahmed Shamis

Ahmed Shamis

Cataract Surgery

Get our any Service
With Suitable Pricing

You may choose our cost-effective packages or arrange

your own plan with our consultation in a suitable price

Bronze Package


  • 3nights at 3 star hotel
  • Airport pick up
  • Sim Card & Internet Access
  • Transpotation
  • Medical Interpreter

Silver Package


  • All item in bronze package
  • 3nights at 4 star hotel
  • Transpotation
  • Medical Interpreter
  • Presurgery Medical Test

Iran has been one of the most important centers of medical science for a long time ago. Iran has about 190 licensed hospitals to operate in international health services for medical health tourism and provide quality medical services for people worldwide.

Compared to European countries, medical expenses in Iran are 35% of Western European countries. Even compared to Turkey, Iran’s medical expenses are 50% of that country’s medical expenses.

Based on UNICEF's rating, Iran has an "excellent" healthcare system, with numerous skilled specialists and modern hospitals.

Hosting thousands of medical tourists annually, Iran is as safe as other countries around the globe for receiving healthcare services. 

The most common procedures people undergo on medical tourism trips include dental care, surgery, cosmetic surgery, fertility treatments, organ and tissue transplantation, and cancer treatment.

PERSIAMEDTOURS.COM is one of the best online platforms for medical tourism in Iran. It is the leading information source in Iran about medical tourism destinations on the web for middle east countries.


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