Dr Parveen Marzban

Dr. Parveen Marzban
Cardiovascular Specialist

Dr. Parveen Marzban was born in 1964 . In 1985, she entered Shiraz University of Medical Sciences and in 1992,she graduated from this university with a PHD degree and immediately started his subspecialty course in the field of internal diseases in the same university, and in 1995, she obtained his subspecialty degree in the field of cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Parveen Marzban is a member of the faculty of Kish University of Medical Sciences and Kazeroon’s Azad University. In addition to the scientific activities, Dr. Marzban is active in the cardiology clinic in the field of echocardiography and angiography admitting and treating the patients with cardiovascular diseases.


Cardiovascular Diseases


Echocardiography and